Its just a fire until its not! Vehicle gas tank explosion caught on tape during house fire in Indiana.

HMN-The danger in emergency services is always compliancy. Its just a fire until the propane tank in the garage explodes or in the case of this Indiana firefighter its the cars gas tank. How many times do you forgo your PPE or take a shortcut. This helmet cam caught the vehicle gas tank explode and fortunately no one was injured. Use the tools you have to protect yourself! “Everybody Goes Home


Fox 59 Indianapolis

WHITELAND, Ind. – A Whiteland volunteer firefighter captured a scary moment while battling a house fire on Monday.

Crews were called to the 500 block of Greensprings Drive in Whiteland around 1 a.m. When they arrived on scene, the home was fully engulfed in flames.

Within the first few minutes of attacking the fire, a vehicle’s fuel tank exploded. A firefighter was wearing a helmet camera and caught the explosion on video. Fire from the explosion engulfed a firefighter.

Fortunately, no residents or firefighters were injured.

The Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department said they posted the video on their Facebook page to allow the community to have a better understanding of the seriousness and dangers of their job.

“I think it is imperative to allow the communities to see what their firefighters and emergency service agencies do for the community,” a department spokesperson told FOX59.

Click the link on the picture below to check out the guys podcast on Flammability

The HazMat Guys Podcast

The HazMat Guys Podcast

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