Radioactivity Scare on Fair Oaks Avenue Prompts Full-Scale Hazmat Response Tuesday

HMN- Pasadena California was the scene of a multi agency hazmat response when items at a Goodwill were believed to be radioactive. This according to Pasadena Now, you can read the full story and see the photo gallery here.


photo credit Pasadena Now

A pot said to be radioactive dropped off by a man at the Goodwill Store in the 300 block of South Fair Oaks Avenue prompted a full-scale hazardous materials teams response and the shut down, for hours, of that major thoroughfare on Tuesday morning.

In the end, the donated item was harmless, authorities said.

Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank Fire Departments hazmat teams converged after the 9:20 a.m. report.

Employees from the store were evacuated and medically evaluated, Pasadena Fire Department spokesperson Lisa Derderian said.

Traffic was kept away from the scene. South Fair Oaks Avenue was closed from Bellevue Drive north to Del Mar Boulevard, authorities said.

Radiation Simulation

Radiation Simulation

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