Car Bomb Kills One In Nevada- Video

HMN-Breaking: News outlet in  Las Vegas reporting the explosions were about 165 miles northeast of Vegas.

PANACA, Nev. – Authorities are investigating what appears to be a car bomb explosion that killed one person in Nevada.

According to the Lincoln County Record, residents said they heard a loud “boom” and the blast shook homes Wednesday night. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 5 the person who was killed is believed to be the bomber.


View video of the fire here

Several residents reported a huge boom that was heard throughout town. The blast shook homes for blocks.

Rose Lanigan, a freelance writer for The Record, was at a friends home about a block away when they were startled by what sounded like a bomb. Upon viewing the scene, Lanigan said she saw a vehicle and telephone pole in flames and a home heavily damaged.

No official details have been provided to The Record, though Lanigan and others believe someone died in the explosion. A resident living nearby posted to Facebook that a car bomb was set off at his neigbors house, plus a bomb in the back yard, and that the bomber was killed, though residents of the home were able to escape before the explosion, he added.

Firefighters and law enforcement quickly arrived on the scene. Official details will be shared as they are made available.


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