Plume Over Atchinson City Kansas

HMN-Atchison, Kansas sodium hydrochloride and sulfuric acid accidentally mixed causing massive plume over city. Atchison Hospital posted on social media “if you feel you received exposure from the Chemical spill this morning at MGP to please do the following:

Please shower. If you have a minor headache, sore throat, nasal congestion or a minor cough to take Benadryl and stay in cool air.

If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and/or wheezing, please come to the Emergency Room”.  residents have been instructed “for the latest on the Air Quality Issues in Atchison please tune to KAIR 93.7 or the City of Atchison Facebook page. Atchison Hospital has not been affected and is responding as needed.”



Federal investigators are heading to Atchison, Kansas, after a chemical reaction at a plant created a fog over the city Friday morning, forcing evacuations.

The incident happened just after 8 a.m. at MGP Ingredients, which is described as a distillery. Residents reported that a chemical plume could be seen in and around the city.

City manager Trey Cocking said the reaction was caused when a delivery to the plant was placed in the wrong tank. The chemicals accidentally mixed were identified as sodium hydrochloride and sulfuric acid.

“This was a large plume that enveloped a large area. We’re very fortunate this time that there were not more injuries,” Atchison Fire Chief Ted Graf said.

For more than two hours, residents were asked to shelter in place, keeping their doors and windows closed. Atchison students were also evacuated from schools.

Cocking said dozens of people were treated for respiratory discomfort. The problems were described as minor.

Officials the city reopened to traffic about 11 a.m.

Residents returning home were advised to call 911 if they notice a strong bleach odor or visible fog so the Fire Department can help ventilate.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it was sending investigators to Atchison.

Authorities continue to monitor the air quality.

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