House Explosion In Noblesville Indiana

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Picture Credit: RTV6

HMN- Noblesville, Indiana.

A gas explosion destroyed a home under construction Sunday afternoon.The house is in a development called Turnberry at The Park near 166th Street and Summer Road.

Captain Todd Estes, PIO for the Fire Department confirmed the responding units arrived and gas could still be heard hissing from the residence. Fire crews quickly secured the gas meter after the explosion and eliminated any further threats. Neighbors reported they heard an explosion that shook their homes.IMG_4048

The City of Noblesville Fire Department responded the following units to the explosion. Battalion 7, Engine and Ambulance 73, Ladder 77 and Ambulance 77, Rescue 71 were all dispatched to the area shortly after noon.

Noblesville Fire Investigator, Division Chief Rick Russell, confirmed that damage to the home was caused by a natural gas explosion and was still on scene along with Vectrin Energy at the time of this report. 

No one was hurt and there was no construction work ongoing at the time of the explosion.

The home is considered a total loss.

Responding Units Photos from: Indiana Fire

Battalion 7


Rescue 71


Ladder 77


Engine 73


Ambulance 73


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