29 Children at Florida Preschool Fall Ill in Suspected Hazmat

HMN- 29 children ill and no one knows why!

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Authorities say more than 20 children at a South Florida preschool have been hospitalized after suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

Lauderhill police and fire spokesmen tell the Sun Sentinel (https://goo.gl/2AkeCD) that 19 children from Ave Marie Friends Preparatory School shared gurneys Monday as paramedics loaded them onto ambulances for trips to three nearby hospitals.

The report says a total of 29 children eventually showed symptoms. Some were driven to the hospital by their families.

What caused the illnesses wasn’t immediately known.

Lauderhill Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Jeff Levy says food poisoning is the primary suspect after hazardous materials crews didn’t find a gas leak, and no adults developed symptoms.

The conditions of the children weren’t known.


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