4 Dead, 2 Adult, 2 Children After Carbon Monoxide Incident




A tragic story out of Houston, TX over night resulted in the death of 4 people after a Carbon Monoxide Expsoure.


Two children and two adults died from carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday morning in Dallas, firefighters say. CBS Dallas reports Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to an emergency carbon monoxide call around 9:30 a.m. at a house under construction.

The property owner, identified as Hector Medrano, made the call after he found two men and two children dead inside, according to The Associated Press. Medrano said the two men were working on the house. The workers and the two children who belong to one of them slept in the house overnight. Both children are under 2 years of age. Identities have not been released.

They were using a generator, which was originally placed outside; however, someone tried to steal it. In response to the attempted crime, the men brought it inside the house to keep it safe.

Firefighters said it’s unknown how long the generator was inside the house. It was on long enough to reach fatal levels, they said.The victims were found in the back bedroom, CBS DFW reports. The generator was found in a separate room.

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