I-40 in Oklahoma blocked after accident leads to propane truck fire


HMN-A vehicle accident lead to the closure of I-40 in Oklahoma as a truck carrying propane caught on fire.  Firefighter extinguished the nearby brush exposure while the propane was burned off. (OKCFOX)

A propane truck fire sent one person to the hospital and blocked all lanes of I-40 in Canadian County for several hours.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that all lanes of the interstate are back open Calumet Road exit west of El Reno. All lanes were blocked Monday night, due to a fire involving a propane truck. Authorities say a crash sparked the fire. The propane fire spread to a nearby field, causing a grass fire which was extinguished by firefighters after the remaining propane finished burning in the truck.

At least one person was transported from the scene via a medical helicopter.


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  1. Could you, perhaps, please fix your website so that it displays the date of when the incident occurred (or at least when the article was posted)? It must be one of those modern design fads to make websites harder to read and less functional, as many websites are doing it these days.
    And, it is very annoying because the reader has no way of knowing when the described incident occurred. It could have occurred 20 years ago, 1 year ago, or even last week!!!

    P.S. The popup on each page that asks you to sign up is also annoying, and ineffective at gaining dedicated website users. People will simply sign up to get rid of the popups, not because they like your site.

    • Phil - HazMatNation

      Great points. The date is on the home page… but you are right… it is not on the article. We will explore how to ad this easily. As far as the pop up, we tuned that down… best would also be if once someone fills it out, it never pops up again – it can be annoying. The form generates lots of sign ups but if we are pissing people off, that is not good… so we will look at other less invasive options. I know for myself, if there is too much click bate I leave a site… and that is not our intention. Thanks again for taking the time to help. Unless of course you are a spambot from RU then I just spent a bunch of time chatting with no one.

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