6 people exposed to substance at Oberlin Walmart


(FOX 8)

6 people exposed to substance at Oberlin Walmart

OBERLIN, Ohio – Authorities released new information Tuesday afternoon after the Oberlin Police Department warned people about a hazmat situation.

Police said six people were exposed to a substance.

Two of those people including an officer were exposed to the substance at the Walmart in Oberlin, which is on Highway 20.

Four exposures happened at Allen Memorial Hospital.

Authorities said the symptoms are consistent with an opioid but did not confirm anything further.

People are still being asked to avoid the area around Walmart.

Oberlin Schools are on a level 1 lockdown due to the hazmat situation. The superintendent told FOX 8 News they are monitoring the situation and are in communication with police.  They plan on releasing students at the normal dismissal time.

In a level 1 lockdown, all exterior doors are locked, teaching continues as normal, and parents must sign students in/out of school.

This is a developing story. FOX 8 will update you with further developments.

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