Advanced HazMat Meter Quiz

The HazMat Guys Podcast

How many ppm are in 1% by volume?

What common Gas will give false readings on CO and from what source?

The HazMat Guys Podcast

Humidity can impact the Oxygen sensor.

The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable

Where would you probe for Hydrogen Sulfide?

The HazMat Guys Podcast

To determine the hot zone of a combustible gas leak you should use the _________ and ___________ sensor readings to set the boundaries.


Oxygen readings above 23% are safe to enter without SCBA?

hazsim radiation

Which type of radiation has very strong penetrating power and is becoming more common in medical treatment?

The HazMat Guys Podcast

According to Bobby and Mike, on the Podcast: Oxygen is a very powerful oxidizer, its presence can have effect on flammability, reactivity, and products of reactions.

[caption id="attachment_7033" align="alignnone" width="300"]The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable[/caption]

Use of ___________ will tell if there is a endothermic or exothermic meaning a reaction is taking place.

hazmat quiz

Which meter uses a chamber with a filament that is coated with something like platinum or palladium forming a 'wheat-stone' bridge?

The HazMat Guys Podcast

Bonus - According to The HazMat Guys Podcast E14, Metering Basics - Monitoring is ___________ ?

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