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Commercial fire leads to hydrochloric acid exposure


    HMN-Firefighters were called to a commercial structure fire Sunday at a tanning salon.  Another building adjacent to the tanning salon also became involved in flames, this time a cleaning business.  According to WJAC, one firefighter was exposed to Hydrochloric acid while fighting the fire.  The firefighter was sent to the hospital and released Monday morning, however HAZMAT crews ...

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Ammonia leak evacuates downtown Zillah, WA

Ammonia leak

      HMN-An ammonia leak leads to the evacuation of a downtown portion of Zillah, Washington.  According to NBCRightNow, evacuees were sent to a local middle school.  A packing facility in the area developed an ammonia leak around 7:30 AM. The Sunnyside HAZMAT team had the leak stopped close to 11 AM. ZILLAH, WA – Investigators are still looking ...

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Tanker rollover caught on video

Baltimore tanker rollover caught on video   HMN-A horrific scene unfolds as a fuel tanker rolls over and bursts into flames in Baltimore.  The accident occurred early Saturday morning as icy conditions plagued I-95.  According to the Baltimore Sun, two people are dead, and 15 were sent to the hospital in the ensuing 55 vehicle crash. Two people died and ...

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Caustic spill at New Zealand port

Caustic spill

Caustic spill found at Napier port HMN-Firefighters in New Zealand responded to a caustic spill at their local port.  According to the NZHerald, the spill of Sodium Hydroxide was found next to a container.  Authorities are calling the spill small in nature. An area of Napier Port has been cordoned off while firefighters deal with a chemical spill. A small ...

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Hydrochloric acid spill prompts school closures in California

California HAZMAT responds to HCL spill.       HMN-A forklift puncture in a 330 gallon tank of Hydrochloric acid, prompted precautionary school closures in California.  The leak occurred at the  Mountain Valley Express freight terminal in the Manteca Industrial Park.  According to  the Manteca Bulletin, officials closed the schools in anticipation of fumes being pushed in those directions. Classes ...

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Chemical escapes Corpus Christi refinery, into city water system.

    HMN-Authorities are trying to pinpoint which refinery released “Indulin AA-86” in the Corpus Christi, TX city water supply.  According to ABC news, city officials are saying to discontinue all use of the tap water in their homes.  The chemical has made the system unsafe for drinking,  bathing, brushing teeth, washing dishes, etc.  The chemical itself is used as an ...

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Acid spill in Florida intersection

Acid spill

Acid spill found after container falls from vehicle.     HMN-A gallon container that is believed to have fallen from a passing vehicle, was found to be leaking acid this afternoon in Hillsborough County Florida.  According to WTSP, passing witnesses noticed the container appeared to be smoking when authorities were contacted.  The HCFR HAZMAT team investigated, and found the acid ...

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Industrial fire reported at Sinclair refinery.

Industrial fire

Industrial fire crews mitigate small fire at Sinclair refinery.     HMN-A small fire broke out in an operating unit Monday at the Rawlins, WY refinery operated by Sinclair.  According to officials there were no injuries or offsite impacts.  The fire was contained in about 90 minutes by industrial fire crews according to SINCLAIR — Sirens broke the early ...

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Industrial Fire Training

Focus: Industrial Fire Training This week at HAZMATNation we are highlighting industrial fire brigades with a focus on Industrial Fire Training.   Floating roof tanks, how much do you know about them? Brush up with our article below! Roof Tanks H2S is a common refining hazard.  Do you know the important  facts? Find more at: Hydrogen Sulfide Ever wonder why ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Pipe Fittings

  Industrial Fire Familiarization: Pipe Fittings   As industrial fire professionals, it is important for us to understand our process we protect.  One of the most common ways to transport materials in our plants and refineries, is through sometimes elaborate systems of piping.   Pipe itself can be made of many different materials.  Some of them being common fiberglass or ...

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