Baltimore Officials Say Suspicious Van Was Stealing Diesel After Evacuating Parts Of Inner Harbor

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After evacuating part of downtown Baltimore and an hours-long investigation, police now believe the suspicious van leaking gas in a parking garage near the Inner Harbor was being used to steal diesel fuel, and was not as hazardous as initially believed.

Police are continuing to do precautionary sweeps of buildings and parking garages in the area.

Mayor Jack Young said around 4 p.m. that no bomb was detected, however, officials continue precautionary security sweeps in an effort to ensure public safety.

Police and fire officials responded to the LAZ parking garage in the 100 block of E. Pratt Street near the Promenade around 9:13 a.m. after someone reported the smell of gas leaking from a van near the T. Rowe Price building.

A four-block radius around 100 East Pratt Street was evacuated, according to Mayor Jack Young and other police and fire officials. Eyewitnesses told WJZ that several office and commercial buildings in the area were evacuated — including the T. Rowe Price building, The Gallery, hotels and restaurants in the area.

Although all the roads are reopened, traffic by the harbor remains heavy.



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