Barge collision in Houston ship channel sends gasoline reformate into waterway

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(CNN) — A tug pushing two barges collided with a 755-foot oil tanker in the Houston Ship Channel, capsizing one barge and damaging the other one, the US Coast Guard said in a statement.

The barges were loaded with the gasoline blend stock Reformate, which is leaking into the water after the incident Friday near Bayport, Texas, officials said.

“An estimated 25,000 barrels of gasoline blend stock were loaded on each barge. An unknown amount of product has been released from the damaged barge,” the statement said.

“Air monitoring is being conducted along the shoreline … the first priority of the unified command is public safety,” it said. ” If any readings above actionable levels are detected, advisories will be provided to local emergency operations centers.”

The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health is monitoring the communities nearby.

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