Boston Haz-Mat mitigates Level 3 hazmat leak at Deer Island




Boston firefighters contained a Level 3 hazmat situation at Deer Island Saturday after a gallon of hydrogen peroxide leaked in a building, officials said.

Firefighters responded to Deer Island at 7:20 p.m. for reports of one gallon of hydrogen peroxide leaking, officials said. The leak was classified as Level 3, which is the most dangerous hazmat situation.

Firefighters in hazmat suits shut down the leaking valve, vented the building and monitored the air quality, according to fire officials.

No one was hurt during the leak.

From Boston FD:

Companies went in with level B suits to shut down the valve, the leak was contained. They vented the building monitored the air quality. They neutralized the leak. There were no injuries , the building is safe and turned back over to management. All companies are clearing .


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