Chemical awareness

Hazmat situation in Police Bathroom, Detectives have nothing to go on!

HMN- This one was to good to pass up. Our brothers in blue had to evacuate after toilet cleaners were mixed together. Luckily, those treated were released after being evaluated. But, the fact remains The Hazmat Team had to flush this one out on their own. Read the full story according to ABC, WMUR 9 SALEM, N.H. —The Salem Police ...

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5 workers hospitalized after hazmat incident in Wisconsin

HMN- Five employees were treated for injuries when a mixture of Sodium Chlorite 25% and Sulfuric Acid were accidentally combined on Tuesday. Those five people taken to the hospital were treated for irritation and respiratory complications after the spill. More than 100 employees were forced to evacuate the factory and OSHA officials were called to the scene. Authorities were interviewing potential witnesses and ...

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There’s no “P” in our Pool!

HMN- Since this is considered the unofficial pool opening weekend in middle America, what better time to pose the question: “What do you really know about all those chemicals that you’re using?”  I would like to ask those people shopping the pool aisle if they have ever had a bad chemical experience?  As I recall during my summers working as ...

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