Billings firefighters extinguish methane fire


HMN-Billings Montana firefighters extinguished a Methane fire that erupted at a wastewater treatment facility. The initial plan was to send a team in to isolate valves feeding the tank, however the original plan did not work. The team had to isolate farther down the line than planned. (Billings gazette) A methane tank that caught fire at the Billings wastewater treatment ...

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Cape Town gas explosion injures atleast 5

Gas explosion

HMN-Atleast 5 people have been injured in a gas explosion coming from a Cape Town restaurant. HazSim Pro training system has been used to train across the U.S since 2011. Trainers in HazMat and Confined Space realized that ‘tapping the student on the shoulder’ was NOT effective training. This system uses NO hazardous materials and although may not look exactly ...

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Portland responds to Toluene spill from railcar

HMN-Portland Fire and Rescue evacuated residents near the scene of a toluene leak that originated from a rail car. (OregonLive) Several blocks of U.S. 30 in Northwest Portland were closed for several hours Tuesday after a rail car began leaking toluene, a flammable liquid used as a solvent. A Portland Fire & Rescue HazMat team responded around 2:45 p.m. to ...

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1 hospitalized after BU chemical spill

Chemical spill

HMN-Reports show that one person was decontaminated on scene, and then brought to  a nearby hospital. ( BOSTON, MA — A person was taken to the hospital after chemicals spilled on him at Boston University, fire officials said. The person was decontaminated and taken to the hospital. The Boston Fire Department said there was a report of a person “mixing ...

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