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Buzz Blog: The Part of your job you Hate

Kevin Ryan Buzz Blog

BUZZ BLOG THE PART OF YOUR JOB YOU HATE 1-13-17 Hello again Fellow Hazmatters and welcome back to the Buzz Blog. I have to start out by thanking all the members of the HazmatNation. My first blog on the tragedy in Amarillo, TX received over 6000 views as of this writing. I am totally overwhelmed by this number. The most ...

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Amarillo TX Incident – Buzz Blog

Aluminum Phosphide Response¬†   I am sure we have all heard of the tragedy in Amarillo, TX by now. Four members of a family were killed by what is reported to be Phosphine gas. The gas was reported to be generated by Aluminum Phosphide tablets in use at the home. Aluminum Phosphide or even Magnesium Phosphide are the active ingredients ...

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HazMat Buzz Blog – In honor of Chief Buzzy Melton

HazMat Buzz Blog by Kevin Ryan Welcome Fellow Hazmatters to the Hazmat Buzz Blog on This is the first of many entries I hope to make discussing everything hazmat. I want to start by explaining where the name for the blog came from. The blog is named in honor of Retired Baltimore City FD Battalion Chief Buzzy Melton. Chief ...

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