Hazmat hot zone rescues: How to tell mythical monsters from real threats

phil ambrose

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HAZMAT Leadership part IV: Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive

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Saltier waterways creating “Chemical Cocktails”


(Eurekalert) A recent study led by University of Maryland researchers found that streams and rivers across the United States have become saltier and more alkaline over the past 50 years, thanks to road deicers, fertilizers and other salty compounds that humans indirectly release into waterways. The team named this effect “Freshwater Salinization Syndrome.” New research from the same UMD-led group ...

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HazMatNation in Fire Engineering

HMN-The November 2017 and 2018 issues of Fire Engineering have been particularly exciting for the contributors of HazMatNation.  In 2017, HMN founder Phil Ambrose had his article “The Gray Area: Firefighter Rescue and Hazmat” (Read HERE) which segwayed into his popular FDIC classroom session by the same name. Recently, in the November 2018 issue of Fire Engineering, two more HazMatNation contributors ...

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Developing a Hazardous Materials Based Clandestine Lab Team-NFPA 472

Developing a Strategy for a Multiagency Hazardous Materials Response:  Clandestine Drug Laboratories-NFPA 472  By Michael Shedd   Clandestine Laboratories, trafficking, and production whether narcotic or explosive based in nature, continue to be an issue nationwide with production types varying in type. From residential structures, hotels, schools, shops or in vehicles there is no limit on these hazards. Since the mid ...

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Crude Distillation: Making products possible

industrial fire

Create Life Saving Experiences with HAZSIM.  Click HERE for more information. Ready for your free quote? Submit HERE.

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Buzz Blog: The Flavor of Hazmat

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Carbon Dioxide tank overpressure


Recently, a HAZMATNATION reader submitted an interesting CO2 call with us that we would like to share.  Thank you Mr. Lopez. Aright everyone I made a CO2 alarm last night and would like some insight. This was the first call I’ve ever made on a co2. We were dispatched for a CO2 alarm at a gas station/ fast food Restaurant. ...

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Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive. HAZMAT Leadership; Part III

fowler hazmat

Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive; Part III (Catch up on Part I Here, and Part II Here) In the series, Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive, we have gone over shooting and moving as it pertains to HazMat operations. You can view the previous installments here . Continuing with our series is communication. Regardless of setting, communications will always be our greatest challenge. ...

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Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership – PART II

Josh fowler

Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership – PART II Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership In our previous installment (PART I) of Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive we briefly discussed the dynamics and importance of shooting from a HazMat leadership perspective. Shooting (or in our case, HazMat Operations) can be difficult even during training. So consider how much more difficult it ...

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