Buzz Blog: The Strength of a Nation

HMN- Hello Fellow Hazmatters and welcome to the next edition of the Buzz Blog. June has been a busy month in the world of hazmat for all of us. The IAFC Hazmat was held in Baltimore from June 15th-18th. I consider myself lucky to attend every year. It could not be more convenient to have the conference in my back ...

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Video shows firefighters battle a mixed load trailer fire

  HMN-We often highlight during HAZMAT trainings the potential danger of a mixed load tractor trailer.  This video from a recent incident in New Jersey shows just that, and how firefighters handled the situation. How many different placards do you see? Is your department ready for this call? HazSim Pro training system has been used to train across the U.S ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: You’re only as good as your Kinker

Industrial fire

  Industrial Fire Familiarization: You’re only as good as your Kinker. We all remember our first live fire training.  Perhaps our peers tried to hype it up by telling us what we were to expect, or what we needed to focus on, but once it came time to pick up that hose, we were assigned our first-ever hose position.  For ...

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The HazMat guys have answers

Haz mat guys

  HMN-Our brothers “The HazMat Guys” have recently launched a new series that we are very excited about. First of all, if you are not listening to “The HazMat Guys Podcast” do yourself a favor and check them out.  Mike and Bobby do an amazing job at breaking down Hazmat response topics on the Podcast platform that makes training relevant, ...

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The ERG Basics: 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook


Today, we are taking it back to the basics. The Emergency Response Guide (ERG), a tool for all responders. Whether you are a Hazmat Technician, Specialist, Awareness, or even not in the fire service but may have to use an ERG today we are going to run a quick refresher for you. So, remember this tiny little book everyone has ...

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“Back To It” in this weeks Buzz Blog!

Welcome back to the Buzz Blog fellow hazmatters, My apologies for the delay in getting this next blog out to everyone. I hope to get a new blog out to everyone every 2-3 weeks. I want to start out by offering condolences to the Burchett family, friends, Cecil Co. MD Dept. of Emergency Services and Singerly FD of Elkton MD ...

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