Texas HEAT needs your help!

Texas HEAT is looking for a little help from you! Texas Hazmat Education and Training is currently seeking donations for their annual $2500 scholarship.  For a 100$ or more donation, one of these beautiful coins can be yours. Email txheat@yahoo.com for more information!

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Hazmat response

    HMN-Some people get excited when they see an engine go by through traffic.  Others, stop to watch the tiller make the sharp curves.  Then there’s us, who get excited over a full HAZMAT response. Sign up for the Hazmatnation mailing list!

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One dies in N.C. Chemical tank explosion

  HMN-One person is confirmed dead after a chemical tank at a water treatment facility exploded.  Hazmat units were dispatched to the scene according to WNCN. MIDDLESEX, N.C. (WNCN) — A man is dead after a tank at a water and wastewater treatment chemical plant in Middlesex exploded Friday morning, according to Middlesex Police Chief Mike Collins. Officials said the ...

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Emergency response tattoos

  HMN- Hey guys! A few weeks back we asked you to show us your emergency response related tattoos. Here’s just a small selection of what we received! Thanks for the submissions!   Sign up for the Hazmatnation mailing list! HazSim Pro training system has been used to train across the U.S since 2011. Trainers in HazMat and Confined Space realized ...

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LPG Fires: Sometimes it’s about perspective


    HMN-Recently, at an industrial fire training, I got some great helmet cam footage of some very experienced firefighters honing in on new skills, and brushing up on old ones.  I was able to capture a great shot that illustrates the effect of nozzle patterns, and draft, on a LPG fire. In the following photo, take note of the ...

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Four killed as vapors from naphtha tank ignite

HMN-Four workers were killed, and two other wounded as maintenance worked on an out of service naphtha tank.  DailySabah believes that the  explosion was due to ignition of trapped vapors. Four workers were killed and two others wounded in an explosion at the Tüpraş Aliağa Refinery in the western province of İzmir on Tuesday, District Governor Bayram Yılmaz said. Yılmaz ...

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Chemicals found in baby food; Arrest made


HMN-BBC reports that one has been arrested in what are calling an extortion case. It is believed the man in the photo may be linked to the discovery of Ethylene Glycol in jars of baby food, as well as other foods. Police in Germany have arrested a man on suspicion of contaminating adult and baby food in the hope of ...

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HMN- Hello fellow hazmatters and welcome back to the Buzz Blog. I want to start of this edition by defining the word legacy. Legacy is:  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. One could apply this definition in many different ways to their lives. In fire service terms I believe it boils down ...

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Hydrogen Flouride Emergency Response

SWS Environmental Services Presents: Hydrogen Fluoride Emergency Response It’s a slow day at the station when a call comes in for a hazardous materials spill at a commercial car wash. Dispatch advises the caller reported the spilled hazmat is corrosive, but they did not give a chemical name. ▪ ERG advises guide 153 – Substances Toxic and/or Corrosive based on ...

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