Charlotte Fire called to local school for malfunctioning toilet


HMN-Charlotte Fire was called to a local school for a possible Hazmat situation Wednesday afternoon.  Upon arrival the school was evacuated for air quality concerns. (Fox 46)

– A clogged toilet was the source of an “air quality” alert at South Mecklenburg High School that forced students and staff to evacuate the building  Wednesday afternoon, officials on scene told FOX 46 Charlotte.

Charlotte Fire was called to the high school located at 8900 Park Road on Wednesday, May 23 in response to a “hazmat situation.”

Upon arrival, students and staff were evacuated from the school. It was soon discovered that the source of the foul odor was a clogged toilet.

Charlotte Fire and Hazmat crews cleared the scene Wednesday.

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  1. It is difficult to imagine the level of incompetence that lead to such a call. Any individual lacking the level of judgement ability to understand the situation should certainly be relieved of any responsibility for anything. The reason for that call is “You can’t fix stupid.”

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