Chemical spill clears Oregon HS science lab

HMN- Firefighters responded Friday to chemical spill in science lab storage closet at Redmond High School in Oregon according to KTVZ Channel 21.

(Photo: Redmond Fire and Rescue)

REDMOND, Ore. – (Update: More details from fire marshal)

A chemical spill in a storage closet at Redmond High School on Friday prompted evacuation and sealing of the classroom and sent two teachers to a hospital for evaluation, officials said

Firefighters responded shortly before noon to the science lab at the school at 675 SW Rimrock Way, Battalion Chief Jeff Puller said.

They found potassium chloride had spilled in a storage closet, to the classroom was evacuated and sealed. Firefighters then contained the chemical in a protective container until it could be removed by a hazardous materials clean-up response company, Puller said.

While two teachers went to the hospital by private vehicle for evaluation, no students or firefighters were injured, the battalion chief said.

Potassium chloride is a metal halide salt that is odorless and has a white or colorless crystal appearance, dissolving readily in water. It is used as a fertilizer, as well as in medicine, scientific applications and food processing.

Fire Marshal Traci Cooper explained that they acted cautiously because the chemical’s original container leaked and they wanted to be sure it hadn’t come in contact with other chemicals, worsening the issue.


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