Possible Chemical Suicide at University in CA

HMN – Another possible Chemical Suicide at a University in CA. HMN has more information from the scene we will provide in an update.

According to 7 San Diego News:

Residents were allowed back in their homes Thursday night after a poisonous gas scare in University City.
A note warning of poisonous gas inside an apartment room prompted nearby evacuations as Hazmat crews prepared to enter the area

Police department officials told NBC San Diego:

Two people came over to visit a friend at the Axiom apartment complex and arrived to a note on the door saying, “Come on in.” When the friends walked in and headed toward the bedroom door, a note on the door read, “Don’t Come In, Poisonous Gas”

Read More from NBC here

Suicide using chemicals has become more popular with ‘recipes’ found on the internet using readily available chemicals. Although most victims do not intend to hurt others, the deadly gas created has the potential to harm those nearby and first responders.

Agencies across the country are beginning to include chemical suicide awareness and response training on a more frequent basis. Here Phoenix Fire trains on chemical suicide performed in a vehicle.

The San Diego teams have dealt with several chemical suicides and have put together several great training videos on the subject. Check out their study here on chemical suicide.

The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable discussed Chemical assist suicide in their second episode, below.

The HazMat Guys also discuss chemical suicide response in their podcast, below.

Here is another great video produced by Todd Burton of IEC HazMat training which also included chemical suicide scenarios.

H2S Hands on Hazmat Chemical suicide drill in Phoenix

H2S Hands on Hazmat Chemical suicide drill in Phoenix

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  1. Very good info. I, myself have had experience with suicide by chemical. Was a H2S in a vehicle. I like the comments on hospitals being prepared for these types of incidents.

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