Chemical Suicide Training – Sound advice from the HazMat Guys Podcast

Chemical Suicide Training

Response and Training information from TheHazMatGuys Podcast.

In this episode, Chemical Suicide Training, Bobby and Mike once again break down (to a level we can understand), the chemistry and response considerations for what can be a difficult call.  If you don’t know the HazMat Guys it is time to put on your headphones and listen.  Bobby and Mike have a knack for getting in your head.

The goal of the Podcast is to be able to bring the novice to expert, and keep the experts educated with new techniques and information that is out there.  In short, the podcast is a mini-radio show dedicated to all things HazMat. We encourage you to download, or go to iTunes and use for training or drill, or something that you can listen to and stay current while driving to work, performing chores, or watching others work and perform chores.

Lastly, our own Todd Burton, from San Diego, has done extensive research (using real product) on chemical suicides found here.  And be sure to catch ‘The Gray Area: Where rescue meets HazMat at FDIC this year.  The ‘Gray Area’ has been presented at several conferences including VA HazMat Conference and Florida HazMat Symposium and is constantly updated with recent case study news.


Click above or (here) to listen or download the Chemical Suicide Training podcast.

Highlights of the Chemical Suicide Podcast

  • Chemical properties, metering
  • Response considerations – Rescue, PPE
  • How to recognize – Vehicle, Home
  • What to do!
chemical suicide training

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