Chlorine gas released in city of Corcoran



(Hanford Sentinel)


CORCORAN — A hazmat incident occurred Monday in Corcoran after an inadvertent mixture created a chemical reaction that produced a chlorine gas release.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. at the city of Corcoran Water Treatment Plant, 510 Orange Ave., when aluminum sulfate was inadvertently mixed with sodium hypochlorite by a chemical delivery driver, Kings County Public Health Department officials said.

The mixture created the chemical reaction that produced the chlorine gas release.

The inadvertent chemical mixing was immediately halted by the chemical delivery driver and therefore abated, officials said.

The volume of the release is unknown, but health officials believe it to have been small due to immediate abatement and corrective measures undertaken by the chemical delivery driver. The chemical reaction was determined to stabilize and no longer pose a hazard upon the implementation of the abatement measures, they said.

Officials said the chemical mixture that occurred was within a contained aboveground storage tank system.

 They said the chlorine gas release was determined to be minimal and thereby the concentration level dissipated in air.

According to officials, exposure to chlorine gas should be avoided because it can have detrimental effects and be fatal.

Officials said the four individuals who were onsite and experienced some exposure were evaluated by emergency medical service personnel. They said all four individuals were reported to be OK and each declined further medical attention.

The hazmat incident forced California Highway Patrol to shut down portions of state Route 43 while the appropriate agencies handled the situation.

Along with CHP, the Corcoran Police Department, Kings County Fire Department, Hanford Fire Department and Corcoran Public Works Department responded to the scene.

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