Chlorine leak at NW filtration plan triggers HazMat response

HMN- According to the the small leak was in a pipe and not the container. Now is a good time to review your kit and how to apply them before there is an incident! Are your gaskets still good and do you have multiple gaskets for the hazards in your area?

NEW WINDSOR, NY – A chlorine leak at the New Windsor water filtration plant brought Orange County and West Point HazMat teams to the 233 Riley Road facility at 6:10 a.m. on Wednesday.

The employee who had noticed the leak was outside the building when first responders arrived.

The road was closed and nearby residents were notified.

HazMat personnel entered the building and found a small leak in the crossover pipe and were able to fix it.

The filtration plant worker was treated by New Windsor Ambulance personnel as a precaution.

Mobile Life Support Services ambulance also responded as protocol with Orange County HazMat.

Here is a good review from the Chlorine Institute on the Kit B.

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