Corrosive Liquid (inorganic chromium) chemical spill on State Highway 27

HMN- According to Courier inorganic chromium was leaking from the Intermediate Bulk Container after the crash.

DARDANELLE — Russellville Fire Department Hazmat 1 responded to State Highway 27 and Liberty Road in Yell County at approximately 4:30 p.m. Thursday after a two-vehicle motor vehicle crash with possible chemical spill that caused the highway to be closed from Dardanelle to Liberty Road for a few hours.

Upon arrival, the fire department’s Hazmat team found an accident that involved a pickup truck and trailer hauling approximately 1,700 gallons of a hazardous chemical. Crews determined the chemical to be UN3264 Corrosive Liquid (inorganic chromium).

A two-person entry team donned Level B suits, entered the hot zone and confirmed an active leak. The leak was stopped and the remaining spill was contained. Approximately 800 gallons was spilled. A Hazmat cleanup company was responding as of press time.

The Russellville Fire Department worked the mutual-aid incident in conjunction with Yell County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), members of Dardanelle Rural Fire Department, Arkansas State Police (ASP), Arkansas Highway Police and other Dardanelle and Yell County law enforcement agencies.

Traffic was rerouted as State Highway 27 was temporarily closed. Preliminary contents and property losses were unknown.

Russellville Fire Marshal Richard Setian said the accident is under investigation.




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