Crews respond to chemical spill in West Greenwich, RI

chemical spill

HMN-Responders in West Greenwich, RI spent hours Wednesday night cleaning up a corrosive acid that leaked through a trailer.  One of the barrels on the truck was accidentaly punctured with a forklift during the unloading process.  (WPRI)

WEST GREENWICH, R.I. (WPRI) — Crews worked for a couple of hours cleaning up corrosive acid that leaked through a trailer at a West Greenwich trucking company Wednesday night.

According to Lake Mishnock Deputy Fire Chief Doug Etchells, crews were called to Cranston Trucking Company, located off of Hopkins Hill Road, around 9 p.m. due to reports of a chemical spill.

Etchells said when they arrived on the scene, they saw a pool of chemicals outside of a trailer that employees of the company were unloading.

According to Etchells, employees were unloading the trailer when they accidentally spiked a 55-gallon barrel with a forklift.

Etchells said the chemical leaked out of the hole in the barrel and into the trailer. Since the chemical was a corrosive acid, Etchells said it went through the trailer and pooled underneath.

Police blocked off the surrounding area until crews determined the chemical was not a harm to the public. Etchells said hazmat crews were able to clean up the chemical spill and everything is now stable.

Etchells said one employee suffered minor injuries from the chemical spill, but was treated on scene and is expected to be ok.

According to Etchells, the trucking company is safe and does not have a bad track record when it comes to safety.

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