CT HAZMAT calls Industrial Hygienist for school incident

Industrial Hygienist

HMN-Connecticut responders were called to an elementary school where a previous complaint of odor lead to one hospitalization. Upon investigation, a dry powder in one of the janitors closets came in contact with liquid and emitted the fumes.  Industrial Hygienists were called in to assist in ventilating the building properly.  WFSB provides more.

An elementary school in Stamford was briefly delayed on Wednesday because of an odor.

When the school staff arrived at Davenport Ridge Elementary in Stamford, they reported the smell in the building.

One person, a janitor, reported feeling ill and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Firefighters were called to the scene and they requested a hazmat response.

A hazmat team and members of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were also called.

DEEP determined that the source of the odor was a carpet cleaner that was stored in a janitor’s closet.

It described the clear as a dry powder in a cardboard box that somehow got wet. The powder reacted with the moisture and emitted the odor.

The school brought in an industrial hygienist to ventilate the building. The building has since been deemed safe.

Students were kept in their buses during the cleanup.

They have been let back into the building and resumed classes.

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