Death in Seattle results in HAZMAT investigation


Photo by Kimberly Robinson


(West Side Seattle)

Seatlle police performing a welfare check in the 8800 block of 35th encountered what turned out to be a death and hazmat investigation on Friday, May 10.

The person had not been heard from for more than two months so entry was made into an apartment but two Seattle Police officers were made sick by something in the room but was able to verify the person was dead. They were forced to withdraw and were taken to Harborview Medical Center but only as a precaution.

Seattle Fire sent a HazMat response team in the event there was in fact a hazardous substance in the apartment.

Hazmat determined that the odor that drove officers out was a mixture of bleach and ammonia which can generate chlorine gas, an extremely toxic substance.

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  1. Bleach mixed with ammonia yields chloramines

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