Richards, a 67-year-old who lives in Pasadena, recalled the drive to Deer Park, before she realized a fire had clouded up the sky.

“I was like, ‘It’s a little overcast,'” she said. “I come a little closer — ‘That’s smoke.'”

Her daughter, Robyn French, 35, lives close to the plant with her husband and two children. Flares, smoke and a gassy smell have become normal to her. This is not normal, she said.

“When it’s burning tanks full of chemicals, that’s a little bit different,” French said.

She made sure Sunday and Monday that her son wasn’t outside breathing in any chemicals. But the unknown is also concerning.

“Am I still able to eat the Swiss chard and kale I’m growing in my garden?” She asked. “That’s a valid question to me. Will my oranges be full of chemicals next year when they’re grown?”