Detectives cracking down on meth labs in Florida

Source: WCJB ABC20 and WFTV9


With the number of meth labs growing in North Central Florida, local law enforcement is tackling the problem, and is telling you what you should keep an eye out for when you’re at home.


Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies are responding to the growing number of methamphetamine labs after another person was arrested for having a lab in his car on I-75 Wednesday morning.

Now, they’re showing the public the process of going through a meth lab cleanup.

Detective Lance Yaeger with the Sheriff’s Office brought in his personal hazmat equipment, which he says is what the Drug Task Force wears to clean up a meth lab explosion.

The suit he and other members wear is a silver suit that’s not very heavy, but it does get very hot.

They do have to seal themselves in at all openings, and they do wear gas masks so they don’t inhale any of the chemicals in the air.

Once the Task Force goes into a lab, members will separate the items from the lab and store them in different hazardous waste containers before they’re either taken away as evidence, or disposed of.

Sheriff’s officials are urging the community to help them identify where these “clandestine labs” are, by looking out for a few key giveaways.

“Say, for example, you see a neighbor that doesn’t have a pool but is collecting a lot of pool chemicals,  those kinds of indicators usually tip people off,” says Sergeant Brandon Kutner, Public Information Officer for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Officer.

Kutner also says if you do suspect a meth lab to contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately and to not approach the lab yourself.

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