FBI: Holland Man Arrested, Accused of Plotting To Bomb Toledo Synagogues




Radical ISIS supporter arrested ahead of bombing plot to occur in the United States. FBI JTTF officials release report of findings and story of interdiction.

TOLEDO (WTOL) – The FBI held a news conference Monday morning to announce recent arrests in a national security case. According to officials, a Holland man, Damon Joseph, was arrested after planning an attacks on synagogues in Toledo, according to the FBI. Joseph was said to be a radicalized ISIS supporter. He allegedly created motivational videos to recruit supporters. He stated “Jewish people were evil and deserved what was coming to them,” in the wake of the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, expressing his admiration for the attack to an undercover agent.“

Joseph ID’d two synagogues as his targets, according to the FBI, and expressed a desire to kill the rabbi. According to the FBI, an undercover informant was in contact with Joseph. At Joseph’s direction, the undercover agent was tasked with buying weapons to carry out his physical jihad. On Friday evening, Joseph was arrested. There was no co-conspirator, FBI said, and they said that the public was not in danger, as the plot was thwarted before it could come to fruition. Joseph is to appear in federal court at 1 p.m. in Toledo.

The news conference was held at Four SeaGate at the United States Attorneys Office Speakers included US Attorney Justin Herdman and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jeff Fortunato. Several executives of agencies represented on the Northwest Ohio Joint Terrorism Task Force were in attendance.

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