Fentanyl discovery leads to hazmat response in Rhode Island

Fentanyl decontamination

HMN-Discovery of a dead body and possible fentanyl prompted a HAZMAT response in Rhode Island.  Around 2-3 ounces of powder was discovered on site on a table near the body. (WPRI)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Emergency crews were on the scene of a hazmat situation in Providence, where police say they were cleaning up a small amount of fentanyl.

According to Providence Police Lt. Mike Figueiredo, a sudden death on the third floor of 230 Webster Ave. Monday night prompted the response. When police arrived on scene, they found 2-3 ounces of powder loose on a table inside the home. That powder tested positive for fentanyl, which is dangerous when airborne.

Figueiredo said no one was exposed or experienced symptoms of fentanyl ingestion. Officials considered the scene a Level A hazmat and dispatched 30 firefighters to decontaminate the building.

The building was evacuated as crews followed protocol to remove the fentanyl.


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