Fire crews decon patients before transport to hospital


HMN-United Hook and Ladder was dispatched to the scene of a toxic gas inhalation after two cleaning chemicals were mixed.  The two patients who inhaled the chemical had to go through on site decon from firefighters before being transported to the hospital. (Evening Sun)

Two Plainville Farms Plant workers were taken to Hanover Hospital after inhaling hazardous fumes from a mixture of cleaning chemicals on Saturday in New Oxford

United Hook and Ladder Fire Co. Fire Chief Steve Rabine said that two cleaning chemicals mixed and created a toxic cloud within the building, which two workers accidentally inhaled.

Rabine said the individual chemicals are not toxic, but when mixed together, create a hazardous gas.

Fifteen units were dispatched to the scene around 11:30 a.m. Crews decontaminated the two Plainville Farms Plant workers before they were taken to the hospital.

Employees were evacuated while a contracted cleaning company was called to take care of the hazard.

“It was never a hazard to the community,” Rabine said. “It was all within the building.”


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