Firefighter hospitalized after Chelsea HAZMAT situation


Fox 25

HMN-Fox 25 reports that Hydrogen Cyanide was found at a Massachusetts Water Resources Authority site.  Few details are available, however one firefighter was taken to the hospital from the scene due to fatigue related issues.

CHELSEA, Mass. – Emergency crews responded to reports of a hazmat situation that unfolded at an MWRA facility in Chelsea early Tuesday morning.

Few details have been made available, but a Massachusetts Water Resources Authority spokesperson told Boston 25 News that the incident took place on Marginal Street at an unmanned sewage treatment facility that is currently undergoing renovations.

They said that on Monday night a gas meter alarm at the facility sounded and after fire crews arrived, the incident was deemed a false alarm.

However, hours later, a member of the fire department noticed strobe lights from the alarm system still flashing.

When crews went back to the facility around 4 a.m. Tuesday and ran air quality tests, the results came back for readings of hydrogen cyanide.

As a result, a hazmat team from Boston was called to assist because they are better trained and equipped to handle the situation.

One firefighter was taken from the scene to a hospital, but officials said it was due to fatigue and stress and not due to exposure to any of the contaminants at the facility.

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