Four sheriffs sent to hospital after hazmat incident at Kamloops courthouse

HMN- Canadian officials respond to the local  courthouse to a report of a possible hazmat incident according to CBC News. 



Kamloops RCMP say four sheriffs and one prisoner were taken to hospital after an incident at the Kamloops courthouse late Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, when a prisoner who was suspected to be in possession of a bag of drugs was searched, a substance RCMP say they believed to be drugs was released into the air.

There was concern around the possibility that the contents of the bag could have contained fentanyl.

First responders and the hazardous materials team were called in to handle the situation.

Police say the sheriffs and prisoner were eventually cleared by medical staff at Royal Inland Hospital.

Purdy says the incident raises concerns for those who work at the courthouse.

“It’s just another example of how serious the situation is with the high-potency drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil.”

Kamloops RCMP say the investigation is still ongoing.

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