Gas plant in Austin County has residents under mandatory evacuation

plant explosionHMN-Some residents in Austin County Texas are under a mandatory evacuation following a gas plant explosion.  The evacuations are now extending past a 5 mile radius as fears of a larger explosion loom.  (ABC 13)


Several early morning explosions rocked the Western International Gas plant on Highway 159 in Austin County.

An evacuation is in progress for about five miles around the plant. Authorities are going door-to-door asking residents to move to safety. They’ve continued to push back the evacuation zone due to fears of a larger explosion.

According to the Austin County Sheriff, several explosions took place this morning. There are no reported injuries at this time.

Residents reported hearing a series of blasts that sounded like grenades. Thick black smoke continues to fill the sky over the plant, and continued explosions can be heard throughout the morning.

Fire officials are on the scene. The sheriff’s office confirms fires at the plant are flaring up again.

There’s no word on what caused the explosion and fires.

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