Hazardous Materials team called to investigate substance found in vacuum bag




SEATTLE – A mystery substance in a vacuum sealed bag sparked a hazardous materials response and the evacuation of a bio lab building Thursday in the University District.

The substance was later found to be non-hazardous brewer’s yeast. A hazmat team from the Seattle Fire Department initially responded to the scene, the Sound BioLab building near 47th Street and 11th Avenue, at around 12:05 p.m. after receiving a report of a possible hazardous substance.

The building was evacuated as team members investigated, fire officials said. The investigation found that the sealed bag had arrived in a package with the lab’s return address. The substance was tested and found not to be a health hazard.

A Seattle police spokesman later said the substance was as brewer’s yeast, which is used used in the production of beer and bread and is considered a nutritional supplement.

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