Hazmat called to Wendy’s, where’s the beef?

HMN- How many times do you respond to an unknown? A great many of our calls we are asked to “Solve for Y” to ensure the safety of the public and the piece of mind it brings. If you are asked to “Solve for Y”, how do you process the information? Who makes the final call on safe or unsafe?


According to WGRZ2

LOCKPORT, N.Y. – A Hazmat team was called to a local Wendy’s late Saturday night.
The Niagara County Sheriff’s office say the fire department and hazmat team were called to the restaurant on South Transit Road because of an unknown odor.
There is no official word on what the odor was or what the cause was.
The Sheriff’s office said the situation is under control and is now in the hands of the Niagara County Health Department.

More unknowns:

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