HazMat Challenge at LANL 2019

A best kept secret of the Southwest but too good not to share.  Last year I attended the HazMat Challenge hosted by the folks at Los Alamos National Labs.  The event is held in the picturesque Bandelier National Monument.  Not only are the views incredible but the weather is perfect as August in New Mexico brings warm dry air with a good chance of showers in the afternoon to cool things off.  The props were some of the most realistic I have seen with outstanding subject matter experts at each evolution.

The HAZMAT Challenge is an event where you can have
fun and forget you are learning at the same time.

The event hosts confirm that ‘for the past 22 years HAZMAT teams have participated in the HazMat Challenge for a chance to network with one another, practice technical skills, and learn new HazMat response techniques under realistic conditions in a safe and competitive environment.’

Past Challenge scenarios have included:
Chemical Hazard ID
Drug and Bio Labs
Radiological Operations
Valve Tree

Confined Space
Compressed Gas Leaks
Planes, Trains, Automobiles
Stinger Operations

When: August 19th-23rd

Where: Los Alamos National Laboratory


Or Contact

Emergency Response Group @ (505) 665-5237

About The Author

Phil Ambrose first worked as a HazMat technician pouring radioactive monkey urine into drums for decay. Phil is currently a Fire Captain/Hazardous Materials Specialist/Paramedic for a busy metropolitan fire department in Southern California and founder of HazSim and HazMatNation. Phil holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loyola Marymount University and trains first responders across the country using his patented Hazardous Materials Simulation Meter.

HazMat Challenge Flyer

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