Hazmat Crews Called to Home After Report of Intruder

HMN- We cant help but think it went something like this  “Freeze your under arrest! Put your hands behind your back, this is the Poli… uh Hazmat Team!” Police investigation into a man breaking onto a residence results in an arrest and hazmat situation.


An arrest has been made after a hazmat situation in Hanover.

Hanover police and firefighters responded to Bates Way Tuesday afternoon for an initial report of a level one hazmat response, which means an assessment of a suspicious substance.

Authorities said a man broke into a home on Bates Way and brought in a bucket with some kind of substance. The liquid was found around the home and when the homeowner arrived and realized what was going, they called the police.

“They went into the home and confirmed that there was some form of vapor emitting from bucket inside the kitchen area of the home,” Hanover Fire chief Jeffrey Blanchard said.

The response was raised to a level two, meaning a short term operation is underway. Firefighters at the scene said a couple of homes were evacuated.

The suspect was found on the first floor of the home and was arrested. Officials said he apparently had doused himself with the substance and had to be washed down.

“He did need to be assisted outside and was transported to local hospital for evaluation,” Hanover Police chief Walter Sweeney said.

The man is expected to be charged with breaking and entering into a home to commit a felony. Authorities said the suspect and the homeowner knew each other.

Fire officials have not said what was in the bucket or spilled around the house.

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