From the HazMat is everywhere files: Household Chemicals

HMN – Could have been a mixture or a reaction to the actual chemicals?  What would the tech ref/research need to do for the below call?

Hazardous material at East Palo Alto home hospitalizes man

According to Bay City News Source:

A man exposed to a household chemical used to open clogged drains and had trouble breathing prompted a hazardous materials team to respond in East Palo Alto on Thursday afternoon. Photo courtesy Google Maps.

Exposure to a household chemical used for opening clogged drains sent a man to the hospital and triggered a response from a hazardous materials team Thursday afternoon in East Palo Alto, a fire spokesman said.

Firefighters responded to a request for medical assistance by a man who was having trouble breathing around 1:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Green Street, according to fire spokesman Mike Ralston.

Emergency crews noticed the potential for exposure to hazardous materials and pulled the victim out of the building. There were two other adults and an infant present, but they were unaffected.

A hazardous materials team entered the residence and determined there was no ongoing danger to the occupants.

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