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HMN-Our brothers “The HazMat Guys” have recently launched a new series that we are very excited about.

First of all, if you are not listening to “The HazMat Guys Podcast” do yourself a favor and check them out.  Mike and Bobby do an amazing job at breaking down Hazmat response topics on the Podcast platform that makes training relevant, and interesting.  From dealing with Oxidizers, to bonding and grounding, the duo hash out the important topics to help us better ourselves as responders.

Recently, they have announced a new series called “Ask the HazMat Guys”.  In this collection of podcasts they want to hear from YOU! The Guys are currently looking for questions, from you the listener, to be answered on the show.

We are looking to limit it to 4 questions per show in order to keep the time short and put a little pressure on ourselves to provide a concise answer, says Bob.

If the question is really good it may be used as a topic in a full episode.

There are already a few episodes available for download on iTunes, and new episodes will be released every Tuesday at noon ET. Questions for future episodes can be emailed to Include your name and city, and don’t forget to subscribe to their podcast.



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