The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable – Stay tuned for new format and time!

HMN – The HazMat Guys and HazMatNation created an innovative training platform to bring HazMat responders together to discuss response, training, and current events.  With only a few hickups due to the fact that all five members of the  current roundtable are ‘active duty’ first responders the show assembled every week for discussion of HazMat.  The show has been a fun addition to the great work by the HazMat Guys Podcast and HazMatNation.  The best part? – you the fans.

  • Who is the Chuck Norris of HazMat?
  • Who is the Google of HazMat?
  • Where was the HazMat Nation Party in Baltimore?
  • What is on Salvo’s bookshelf?
  • Where is HazMat Jobtown?
  • What is the Buzz Blog?
  • What grade level do the podcasts attempt to bring you to?
  • Do you like HazMat as much as we do?
  • What food establishment did we do a live episode?

If you can answer any and all of these questions, you my friend are a HazMat Geek!

After discussions it was agreed by the founders to discontinue the current time and format.  Almost immediately we received several emails and messages encouraging that the show be continued.  The new format will involve new members from across the nation and likely be on a less frequent schedule.  Tune in for the last but not final show and also let us know if you are interested in the future endeavor.  Thanks to everyone for their support and we look forward to seeing everyone on the future platform.

Yes – I am interested in being part of the show!  Email us at

Be sure to check back on HazMatNation as well as The HazMat Guys for updates.




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