Hazmat at Harwich Fire Station

Update : From the Harwich Fire Department:
Earlier today a Harwich Resident brought an envelope to the public safety complex that contained a white powder.
The Harwich Fire Department requested a Tier 1 response (minor) from the Massachusetts HazMat Team to evaluate the substance.
After a thorough investigation it was determine that the substance was not harmful and that the letter had been a hoax or practical joke.

HMN-White powder letter delivered to Massachusetts Fire Department. News according to CapeCod.com

HARWICH – Around 12 PM Friday, a man walked into Harwich Fire Headquarters with a white envelope he said he received in the mail. Inside the envelope was a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance. Fire personnel immediately the took the envelope outside the building and placed an orange cone over the item, taped off the area and called for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fire Services hazmat response team which set up a contamination tent where they could safely check the package.  After one hour they determined that the white powder was was not hazardous and no cause for alarm. Residents are reminded to keep any suspicious objects in place and call 911. These items should not be transported to police or fire stations.

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