HMN- Pennsylvania. A former garment factory was the scene of a hazmat incident that had personnel trying to determine what the chemical leaking from a drum in the basement was. “And then everyone started running and for a little while no one knew what was going on. Then a firefighter came inside and said everyone out, get in you cars and don’t put on your air conditioners until you are clear of the scene.” This according to the Citizen Standard


Emergency personnel were on the scene of a hazmat incident at 633 Chestnut Street, the site of the former Hegins Manufacturing, now a private residence.
According to fire personnel, they arrived on scene just before 6 p.m. and weren’t sure exactly what they were dealing with.
“The incident involved a 55-gallon drum of some type of chemical which was leaking in the basement of the building,” said Hegins Valley Fire-Rescue Chief Doug Williams, during a phone interview Monday morning. “He said there was a strong odor of ammonia and there was definitely ammonia present in the drum. What exactly the chemical was used for still hasn’t been determined. It could have been some type of floor cleaner from the days of the factory.”


Around midnight Sunday night, Hegins Valley Fire-Rescue posted an update on their Facebook page which stated: “We would like to update the citizens of the Township on the Haz-Mat incident we were dispatched to this evening. There was a Hazardous materials dispersal. However, contrary to initial reports and other posts currently on Facebook there was not a Meth lab in the residence. County EMA and DEP are on scene and in the process of mitigating the spill. Exact materials and circumstances leading to the spill are still being determined. We thank everyone for their cooperation.”

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