Patients rushed to hospital over hazmat package – Update Video


According to DennisMichaelLynch

A hospital in Frederick, Maryland is facing a hazardous material situation around noon Tuesday.

Two men who reportedly opened a package they received in the mail immediately felt burning and respiratory distress and went to the hospital to the Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The men, who live on Military Road, took the package with them to the hospital.

Officials are taking the issue seriously. Fire crews and police were called, the main entrance of the hospital was roped off, and a decontamination tent was set up near the emergency room.

Ambulances are being sent to other hospitals, as the emergency room has stopped accepting any new patients until the investigation is completed, but they are continuing inpatient treatment.

The Frederick Police sent out a message that they have closed off Military Road, where the men live, and are reportedly investigating at the home.

In a press report, the police department said the chemical received in the package was a “common household chemical” and the public is not in any danger.


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