HAZMAT situation sends 3 NJ troopers to hospital



HMN-NJ.com reports that three troopers were hospitalized after being exposed to an unknown substance at a HAZMAT situation. The 3 complained of respiratory issues after coming in contact with the chemical.

HAINESPORT — Three state troopers were taken to the hospital Saturday for precautionary reasons after being exposed to an unknown substance.

According to spokesperson Trooper Alejandro Goez, N.J. State Police were responding to a commercial alarm around 12:30 p.m. at Hoppecke Batteries Inc., located at 2 Berry Drive in Hainesport. Goez said that while the troopers were inside securing the building, they were exposed to a hazardous material contained in the building.

Early reports stated three troopers said they were having respiratory issues after coming in contact with the substance. The Burlington County HAZMAT team was called to the scene to clean up the unknown substance.

The three troopers were taken to Virtua Hospital in Mount Holly for precautionary, minor non-life threatening injuries due to the exposure.

It is unknown what caused the alarm to go off and what the substance was that made the troopers sick. State police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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  1. I was the HAZMAT chief for this job. We did a recon and found liquid in the berm area. A facility rep arrived and stated it was residual water from cleaning. We confirmed some acid rinsate inside the berm, but no acid mist.

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