HazMat Specialist Training in Nor Cal by IEC

HazMat Specialist Training

HMN- Another great video by Todd Burton of IEC/San Diego County HazMat of recent HazMat Specialist Training.  If you follow any of our material Todd is often referred to as ‘The Google of HazMat’.   Todd also recently developed a decision matrix and app to assist with determining drug vs. explosives lab.

HazMat Specialist – A HazMat Specialist in CA undergoes a minimum of 80 hours more instruction/hands-on than the HazMat Technician level (Min. 160 hours). This is NOT a standard across the U.S. as other agencies refer to their SME’s as Specialists or have a higher level of minimum training required. In other words, the designation ‘HazMat Specialist’ may vary but we all know it comes down to the individual and their team for how good they want to be. Industrial Emergency Council (IEC) provides outstanding training which goes above the ‘standard’. A true specialist in any craft is someone others turn to for advice, who takes their training seriously, and does not rely on the rubber stamp moniker alone.

hazmat specialist training


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